My Phone Has A Virus

from the and-a-denial-of-service-attack dept

I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more stories of this nature as VoIP becomes even more common. Suddenly, people are realizing that when your voice calls go out over the internet, they become vulnerable to internet-style attacks. That means, if not well set up, it’s easier to intercept and record VoIP calls or to hit them with a denial of service or virus attack. There are ways to protect against such things, but the fear is that many companies setting up their own VoIP phone system won’t be that careful – and the next time the company gets hit with a bad virus, they won’t even be able to call down to their IT department for help since the phones will be down too. It’s likely that as this gets more attention, security companies will try to rush into the space and expand their current offerings to cover VoIP as well. Of course, so far current security offerings have had mixed results, so some may wonder how good they’ll be on VoIP systems as well.

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