San Bernardino County To Ignore E-Voting Ban

from the one-way-to-deal-with-it dept

While Riverside County in California decided to sue California’s Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley for decertifying electronic voting machines unless they put security measures in place, San Bernardino apparently decided that’s too much trouble. Instead, they’re just going to ignore the ban. They claim that the Secretary of State gave the approval for the voting machines once and now he can’t go back on it. As far as they’re concerned the ban never happened.

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Comments on “San Bernardino County To Ignore E-Voting Ban”

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1 Comment
Doug Coulter (user link) says:

What do you expect?

Well, obviously those currently in power in this jurisdiction want a more easily hackable voting methodology. The old ways were too expensive and more difficult to cheat for these lamers. Systems with no paper trail and no way to check for tampering are of course superior for certain usages. To cut them a little slack, in my state they mandated this stuff, but it was paid for out of local funds. Now they want to mandate something else paid for out of local funds…Well, the first was a mistake, but perhaps some responsibility ought to be taken by the guys who made it, rather than the local folks. Not that we don’t all pay for it all no matter what, it’s just a question of which tax bill it goes onto.

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