What Did I Drink Before Buying That Song?

from the please-make-it-stop dept

It’s almost comical just how many consumer products brands are getting themselves involved with downloadable music, whether by offering their own branded download system or by partnering with a more well known download store to offer free tracks. The latest of the bunch appears to be Heineken who is offering a similar deal to the Pepsi/iTunes free song downloads promotion – except that the Heineken one doesn’t use iTunes. Instead it’s using some other service, meaning that the free songs you get from Heineken won’t work with the free songs that you get from Pepsi, and your entire music collection is going to be segregated by what beverage you happened to drink before downloading it. This is progress?

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Comments on “What Did I Drink Before Buying That Song?”

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dweebert says:

Re: Re: RealPlayer Music Store

I’ll take a stab at it…

1) Less contention for resources
2) Fewer choices to have to make
3) ..umm.. Can continue playing iTunes in the background while browsing their store
4) ..er, ah.. Fewer characters to type in your web browser address bar when you want to complain
5) .. Gee, I know there was something else.

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