Life Looks Good For M2M Communication

A new study is saying that so-called M2M wireless communications are about to take off. Of course, M2M is machine-to-machine, which describes various wireless communications that don’t involve people. What you may notice is that this mainly means RFID chips. By describing them as M2M – while technically accurate – folks in the industry get to avoid using the dreaded RFID term which seems to have been picked up by folks who want to banish the technology for its potential to cause privacy problems. We certainly don’t deny that such potential problems exist, but there are ways to solve most of the problems, and the benefits of the technology are way too great to ignore. Still, the article does describe a few other M2M wireless offerings in passing, such as the personal area network and various home automation and sensor offerings. Many of these will lead to some very cool and very useful applications, but the main focus (read: money making opportunities) are all in RFID right now.

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