Newspaper Industry Continues Their Missteps

from the going-backwards dept

Last year we wrote about why charging for newspapers online doesn’t make sense. It’s a backwards move, trying to force an old business model onto a new delivery platform that won’t have it. It actually does more damage to the newspaper by cutting off opportunities – especially as the online advertising market is taking off again. And, yet, many more newspapers seem headed in that direction, mistaking squeezing more revenue out of a dwindling readership for actually figuring out how to embrace the opportunities that the internet presents.

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Comments on “Newspaper Industry Continues Their Missteps”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

Our local paper is doing exactly that.

New layout online…notices plastered everywhere that the content will be by paid registration only starting May 31st (although this registration will be offered for free for NEW subscribers of the actual paper).

Yeah..good luck with that.

The one reason I went there is because local news on the net was scarce, and frequently the selection of articles HAD made me purchase the paper for a more in-depth look. No way now, I found them obnoxious enough when their telemarketers annoyed me to subscribe even though I’ve requested to be left off the list, this is just one more move that will alienate me and a lot more people.

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