Moblogging At First Sight

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Well, first people were getting dumped by SMS, but what if camera phones can help them find their one true soul mate? Already, there are a number of popular “missed connections” websites for people who saw the love of their life walk by on the street and were too stricken by love to actually say anything. As you might imagine, these sites rarely lead to any sort of actual connection. Still, points us to one entrepreneur has decided to take this to the next level. Instead of just saying things like “You were on the crosstown bus wearing a red sweater,” you’re supposed to snap a picture of your this one-true-love-you’ve-never-spoken-to with your camera phone and post it to a moblogging site. Then you hope that the person in question visits the site, sees him or herself, isn’t creeped out beyond all belief that some weird person is taking secret pictures and posting them to the internet, contacts you, turns out to be normal despite visiting such sites and responding to such creepy come ons from folks who couldn’t get up the nerve to just say “hi,” and falls in love. Sounds like a real winner.

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