The End Of Broadcast?

from the interactivity-isn't-about-being-spoon-fed dept

As the big media companies continue to struggle to understand what interactivity actually means in an age where consumers are used to getting what they want, even folks at CNN (maybe the writer of this article should talk to the business folks on the other side of the building) are suggesting that the old way of “broadcasting” content is losing out to true interactivity. That is, people aren’t waiting around for content companies to implement “interactive” solutions. Instead, they’re doing what they can do on the internet to make things interactive themselves. Yet, the broadcasters still don’t understand what’s happening. They spend lots of time, money and effort trying to come up with copy protection schemes to keep their traditional broadcast revenue, and they set up “focus groups” to answer questions, while ignoring what people are telling them they want. Obviously, broadcast content isn’t going away any time soon, but it appears that those in charge of broadcasters simply haven’t realized that the ground is moving out beneath them. No one is waiting for broadcasters to provide content to them any more. If they’re not getting what they want, they’re creating it on their own – and that’s a world the broadcasters aren’t used to playing in and don’t seem to recognize.

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Comments on “The End Of Broadcast?”

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john paulo iguban says:

i'm a broadcaster apprentice...

for me, such a thing that broadcast will end.

i’m not that convince that the broadcast will end but i think, the broadcasters or the media have thier end.

maybe, in few more years, the manpower of media will be lessen down because i am now taking up BROADCAST THEORY and i have a theory that not the broadcasting but the broadcasters will hav3e thier end..

I had told this to my classmates. i have made up to this theory simply because their are gadgets that are made not intensely to replace broadcasters but thier are gadgets that have been made which is, if we will upgrade that thing, it will replace the broadcasters like me. i hope it will not happen after i garduate.

i have proves:

1st is the reeplie? Q1expo, which is an andriod that is acting human like us, in few more years, maybe it will be developed to replace our news anchor. same with VAlerie, the domestic android.

also with the revela light, the x finger, the new invented robots and more!..

Is this goanna be my end?

sad for me, i guess.

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