Online Marketers Try To Understand Women

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Amazing. Last week we joked about Yahoo realizing that women use the internet too, and now Salon has an article on the same conference looking at exactly how to market to women online. In both cases the conference comes off as this sort of stunning world where it turns out to be a surprise that women actually use the internet. Why is this so shocking? Even more to the point, why is it so surprising that you can’t classify all women into a single group? Did marketers really assume that all women only went online to research cleaning products? It’s pretty sad that a conference was needed to explain all this, and it will be even sadder watching these same marketers try to take these “lessons” and turn them into new advertisements for women. At the end of the Salon article there’s quite a telling quote. A young woman is asked: “How do you feel about Yahoo trying to get into your life?” She responds: “They pay you enough, and you don’t care.” Welcome to the internet. Advertising isn’t about intrusiveness and annoying people, it’s about giving people something of value – whether monetarily or otherwise.

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Comments on “Online Marketers Try To Understand Women”

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dorpus says:

Conditional Probabilities

Techies see women that know computers, because they 1. attract women that do, and 2. scare away women that don’t.

From my experience dealing with non-techie people, I would say there is still a huge population of women out there who consider the net to be a “guy” thing, and want nothing to do with it.

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