Woman Pleads Guilty For Reading Ex's Emails

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A woman has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after she was caught reading (and forwarding) her ex-boyfriend’s email in an attempt to discredit him in a custody battle over their child. What’s amazing is that the woman claims she had no “inkling that it was illegal.” She claims that the ex had given her his password at some point, though he insists he didn’t, and that she saw it looking over his shoulder. Either way, she was charged with illegally accessing a computer system without authorization. While she has pleaded guilty to lesser charges, it does raise some questions. It seems fairly obvious that this was illegal – but if he did give her the password, is the situation the same? And, as we were talking about earlier, if Tower Records gets in trouble for leaving their customer database open, should this guy take the blame for not changing his password?

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Comments on “Woman Pleads Guilty For Reading Ex's Emails”

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julie says:

hacking email account of ex

I have gotten into my ex account. Yes, he did give it to me once. I am not a whack job. He stole $250,000 and did as much in damages to me. He is a sociopath. I moved across the country to get away from him. I was not only a fool in this 5 year relationship, but I was severely duped. I kept him out of prison for grand theft, fraud, embezzlement. The least I could do was modify his gay sex site account. Sorry, he deserved far worse punishment.

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