Time For A Textie?

Not quite sure what to make of this, but The Globe and Mail (as found by textually.org) is noting that people are increasingly using text messaging as a replacement for “phone sex” – and it comes along with all sorts of bad descriptive phrases such as “having a textie” or “sext messaging.” The article also runs over the debate over whether or not such suggestive messaging is considered cheating (assuming, of course, that the two participants are involved with others), and the answer is pretty much dependent on the view of the “others.” The article actually has advice for those who really feel the need to send such messages to those that they’re not in a relationship with. It’s a bit amusing that the article seems to focus so much on illicit sext messaging. Don’t people do this sort of thing with their significant other as well? Or, maybe, that’s just too boring to write about.

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