The Life Of A Blackberry Widow

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I could have sworn I saw similar articles years ago, but maybe it’s just a sign of how long RIM has been wrecking marriages with their BlackBerry device that it’s never too late to publish the story of a “BlackBerry widow” who laments the entrance of the wireless device that seems to get much more attention from her husband than she ever does. There’s just something about anywhere, any time connectivity that makes people feel the need to constantly check the device and to respond immediately. There’s some element of “well, because I can” and some element of wanting to appear always on the job to avoid losing the job. Still, next thing you know marriage counselors will start adding “Blackberry addiction” to their list of problems along with the ever popular “internet addiction.”

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Comments on “The Life Of A Blackberry Widow”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

When presenting to a group of the Blackberry equipped, I’ve long seen the metaphor of the ?Electronic Pet?. As you speak to the group, you constantly see people taking their little pets out and stroking the scroll wheel, coddling them, basically ?petting? them.

One day, I presented in a basement conference room. Oh NO! No signal for the BBs. Now, the owners were compelled to ?Walk? their ?Electronic Pets? on breaks. Take them out for some sunshine & fresh air, er, uh fresh RF.

So now the pet gets more attention than the spouse. Figures. As you?re always saying Mike, it isn?t the technology? it?s how people use/treat it.

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