Offshoring… To Click On Ads

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For all the talk of offshoring labor, it seems that many in India have answered “earn rupees clicking ads” advertisements found (ironically enough) on Google, which basically pay people to sit at home and click on advertisements on specific websites to help those sites earn more pay-per-click ad dollars. This, of course, is always the risk with any sort of pay-per-click advertising scheme. Those who stand to make money are always going to look for ways to increase the clicks. While it’s easy to pick out automated clickers, having a network of people around the world who are paid to click the ads could be a lot trickier. Of course, this may remind some people of dot-com bubble companies like AllAdvantage – but at least in that (failed) case, advertisers knew what they were getting involved with. If such fraudulent clicks continue on content sites for advertising networks, it could noticeably decrease the value of such ads.

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