Microsoft Unveils New Copy Protection

from the any-better? dept

Continuing efforts by the content industry to make sure people can do less with content than they could before, Microsoft is releasing new copy protection technology today. It still amazes me that an entire industry could be so focused on preventing people from doing what they want. In other news – just not reported yet – it’s likely that plenty of people have already figured out how to break Microsoft’s new copy protection scheme. Update: Link updated because some idiotic newspaper site decides to recycle links every few hours.

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Comments on “Microsoft Unveils New Copy Protection”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: bad link

Nope. The original link was good. The site just recycles links. It’s now been fixed… Thanks for pointing it out (and thanks to the three people who emailed me about the bad link as well…).

Can someone tell moronic newspaper sites that recycling links every few hours defeats the purpose of the web. If someone wants to pass on a link they’ve just made their site useless.

Michael Giagnocavo (user link) says:

Well, I doubt MSFT *wants* to do this...

Microsoft is pretty much required to do some DRM if they want the content providers to make content available for their platform. Disney, the RIAA and so on have no problem at all in coming up with new, worse, formats that don’t play on standard computers. (I’m sure the RIAA would love to take your money without even delivering the song :)).

At any rate, I don’t see why anyone complains about DRM. It’s so utterly trivial to get around (sound recorder anyone?)…

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