Is Microsoft Moving Too Fast Or Too Slow?

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Microsoft just can’t win. After taking quite a beating (deservedly so) for their software’s flaws, when they decide to stop pumping out new operating systems at the same rapid pace that caused many of those flaws, they get criticized for moving too slowly. It wasn’t that long ago that similar articles were screaming for Microsoft to stop just releasing new operating systems every few years and, instead, focus on fixing what’s already released. That’s basically what they’re trying to do (successfully or not), and the thanks they get are people trashing them for taking so long to get their next operating system out. I don’t think there should be any rush for them to get Longhorn out, if they can actually get XP working better. People don’t need to jump operating systems every two years.

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Comments on “Is Microsoft Moving Too Fast Or Too Slow?”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

flawed logic

You’re mixing apples and oranges. The people complaining about Microsoft’s cruddy software are the customers. Those complaining about the company moving too slowly are the investors. Their aims are different: the customers want the best products at the lowest prices, while the investors have an interest in seeing mediocre products issued as often as possible so that customers have to keep paying for upgrades.

thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

Also, some of the people who are screaming at Microsoft are the companies who signed their new licenses a couple of years back, with the implied expectation that with this (high priced) contract they would get the new OS after XP rather than pay the hefty fee Microsoft threatened the people who DIDN’T sign with.

Well those contracts expire in July of this year and Longhorn has been pushed back til next year…so essentially some companies paid for very little, if nothing.

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