Ireland Realizes The Dangers Of Current E-Voting Machines

from the where's-the-reliability? dept

It looks like the message is finally getting out about the problems of current e-voting systems. As California is looking to get rid of the unreliable machines, Ireland is now making noises about banning the machines as well. It’s not that anyone is against the idea of electronic voting – but that the current way it’s implemented is dreadful and raises all sorts of questions about whether or not your vote is actually being counted. Apparently, in Ireland, the Prime Minister has been pushing for such electronic voting for a while, but a commission is now recommending not to use the machines in their current form.

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Comments on “Ireland Realizes The Dangers Of Current E-Voting Machines”

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1 Comment
Scott M. Stolz (user link) says:

Paper Backup Needed

I don’t mind electronic voting as long as there is a paper backup. What should happen is you cast your vote electronically at the polling station, it prints out a printed ballot, you then deposit the printed ballot into the ballot box just like you do now with the traditional paper ballots. This way you get the benefit of fast computer counting of ballots and less likelyhood of human errors in counting, and you still have a paper backup that can be looked at to verify the electronic ballots if their is a dispute or computer problem.

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