FBI Looking For The Bank Robber Who Couldn't Hang Up

from the multitasking dept

The FBI is searching for a bank robber who remained on his mobile phone during the course of a robbery. The entire incident was apparently caught on videotape. It certainly does make you wonder what the guy was saying and who was at the other end. The FBI says they’re not all that concerned about who he was talking to, but once they catch him, they’ll want to find out. You have to assume whoever was on the other end knew what was going on, but if that wasn’t the case, then I guess the guy was just multi-tasking.

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Comments on “FBI Looking For The Bank Robber Who Couldn't Hang Up”

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TAD (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Here in the Phoenix area, a car drove by some cops and shots were fired out of the car as it drove by. The police eventually cornered the car and a woman got out. The entire time she was screaming into a cell phone. When she inevitably waved the gun at the cops, they shot her. Last I heard, she was alive, but still – I wondered what on earth that conversation was about.

Cell phone rage?

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