Does Municipal Broadband Save Jobs?

from the spurring-the-local-economy dept

Just as certain states (at the urging of big broadband providers) are trying to ban municipal broadband offerings, Broadband Reports is looking at whether or not municipal broadband helps create jobs and boost the local economy. It seems like it’s a mixed bag – but in a fairly expected way. Obviously, it has the ability to do two things: (1) give jobs to local residents working for the municipal broadband service provider and (2) help create new jobs for those who need broadband. However, it’s unlikely (on its own) to suddenly turn any town or city into the next Silicon Valley. Still, with some towns unable to get broadband any other way, it can clearly help towns keep jobs that would otherwise go away. Considering the fact that, these days, many jobs require broadband access, it seems somewhat ridiculous for states to mandate that their towns and cities can’t come up with their own solutions.

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