How TiVo May Help The Web

from the unintended-consequences dept

Web advertising is making a big comeback just as TV advertising may be losing steam. These two things may not be a coincidence, as a new study suggests that advertisers are looking to move their advertising dollars to the web, as they fear the impact of TiVo-like devices on their television commercial spots. Of course, if advertisers (as they’re likely to do) insist on creating more annoying and intrusive ads online this plan will backfire. However, they should look on this as an opportunity. Smart advertising (not intrusive, not annoying) that actually gives people something they want will be a lot more cost effective than blind TV advertising where you hope people are paying attention.

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Comments on “How TiVo May Help The Web”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Network Adverts?

Anyone other than me annoyed at the constant barrage of “bottom right corner animated with sound” adverts that a lot of cable networks are using?

Spike TV seems to do this a lot, and although I dont’ recall for sure if it was Spike or not, I was watching something last week and every few minutes a baseball would fly across the screen and appear to crash in the bottom right corner of the screen, accompanied by the sound of the crowd cheering. During a show I’m trying to watch, this is annoying and I eventually gave up and changed channels to something less intrusive.

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