Diebold Attempting To Suppress Leaked Legal Memos

from the Diebold-never-stops... dept

Ernest Miller writes “Last Tuesday it was revealed that Diebold was informed by its lawyers that what it was doing was most likely illegal (Diebold Knew They Broke The Law With Uncertified Voting Machines). Where did this information come from? Leaked legal memos from Diebold’s law firm, Jones Day. A judge has ordered that all memos not already published on the internet be returned to Jones Day (A New Pentagon Papers Case – Newspapers, Blogs and the Diebold/Jones Day Memos). But, if you can’t stop newspapers from publishing the Pentagon Papers, why can you stop a newspaper from publishing memos dealing with important issues regarding voting? Perhaps the lesson for newspapers is that if you think the public should be informed, publish as much as possible and don’t try to hold back information for “exclusives.” “

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