Wireless Conference Blogging

from the hopefully... dept

Just a quick note that over on the Techdirt Wireless site, we’re going to be blogging what’s happening today at the EyeForWireless conference. This, though, will depend on the status of the WiFi connection, which (so far) can best be described as… flakey.

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Comments on “Wireless Conference Blogging”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Generating traffic

I just shot over to techdirt wireless to check it out. I bought a new lap top with a wifi card and need to educate myself on its use.

I don’t see much activity on the wireless site ? ! ? I think I saw maybe a total of 4 comments. What’s up with this ?

Are you posting this story here in order to generate some traffic ?

PS. Thanks for a really informative site that despite my occasional disagreement with you, rocks.

colin says:

Mike: if the wireless problem is at your end...

You haven’t put any info as to where the problem seems to be on/in their network, but if you think it’s due to the signal between their AP and your laptop, you have to get one of these:
You can buy the EXT2 model (and 2 small antannas that just poke out 3 or so inches off it) at sites like netgate.com for about $110 US shipped. I’m doing some long-distance wireless stuff and the link quality/distance gain is huge with such a card. (Internal antenna version avail. too, cheaper)

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Mike: if the wireless problem is at your end..

The problem was with the wireless set up at the conference. The hotel apparently allocated much less than promised bandwidth, so the end result was twofold: (1) when you were on, it was damn slow (2) the system was *very* quick about kicking people off if you didn’t send/receive any packets after a couple of minutes. So, just in the time it takes to write up a single post, I’d often get kicked off.

It’s always the wireless conferences that have the worst problems with wireless connectivity.

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