Full Web Content On Mobile Phones… It's Coming

There have been way too many arguments about whether or not carriers should be working to create content for mobile phone users. Derek and I disagree somewhat on the proper answer, but the one thing that I’ve been insisting is that the idea of creating proprietary content (that carriers charge for) is a dead end – just as it is on the web and that’s because as phones get more and more powerful and connections get faster and faster, they’ll just access the web directly themselves. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it seems like it’s big news over in Japan that they’ve got the first phone that can access the full web. Not being up on Japanese mobile phones I don’t know if it’s really the first, but if it is, then it appears the US beat the Japanese to something on phones. Still, it won’t be that long until this is no longer worthy of an announcement, but commonplace.

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