Email Postage Company Says People Want Email Postage Stamps

from the biased? dept

Is it really any surprise that an email postage company has done a survey saying that people want email postage stamps as a way of cutting back spam. In the past, every survey that has asked people about email postage has generally come out the opposite way. However, when you ask the question in a leading way, such as: “Is it a good idea to shift the cost of e-mail from the ISPs to those who send mass e-mail?” who’s actually going to say no? Of course, people want to “shift the cost,” but that’s not the same as saying they want to deal with email postage stamps.

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Comments on “Email Postage Company Says People Want Email Postage Stamps”

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1 Comment
jim stephens says:

Spam is spam,

I don’t want any junk mail. I don’t think shifting cost is useful, you still get spam and junk mail.

0 junk mail by setting who can send you email and having a challenge sent back that has to be answered to get thru to you if the sender is unknown is the only useful way to kill off junk email and still
have a back door that people can use to get thru to you if they are sending and not on your “good guy” list.

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