And VeriSign Settle Many Years Later

from the is-the-story-finally-over dept

The legal fights started soon after we started Techdirt almost seven years ago – and we’ve followed the case on an ongoing basis. First, there was the battle over the domain name itself, and whether it belonged to the guy who originally registered it, or the person who forged some documents to take it away. However, the more interesting element of the case was always the legal battle with VeriSign (really, at the time, Network Solutions) over whether or not they were responsible for handing over the domain without any proof that it should have been done. Last year, the Court of Appeals ruled that VeriSign could be sued for transferring the domain without permission of the rightful owner, basically admitting that domains are property of those who registered them – and not simply under the complete control of VeriSign/Network Solutions. Now, realizing that put them in a difficult position, it looks like VeriSign has agreed to settle the lawsuit with – though, details aren’t given – suggesting that this legal battle may finally be over.

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