Replacing The Mouse With Thumb Control

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MIT’s Tech Review has a short article about a new type of mouse replacement that sounds like a fairly intelligent input device that takes out much of the carpal tunnel risk by recognizing that simple thumb movements can easily designate where you want the cursor to move. So, the device is basically a one-handed, baseless joystick with a flat top where simple thumb movement designate where to move on the screen without much exertion or muscle strain. The side of the device contains typical mouse buttons. Combined with the Twiddler one-handed keyboard, and you could have quite the ergonomic solution to computer input, while also allowing for mobility with wearable type computers. Of course, as with any such devices, if the learning curve seems to be too much, it will never catch on. That may be the case with the one-handed keyboard, but the mouse replacement might not be such a big stretch.

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Comments on “Replacing The Mouse With Thumb Control”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Not a lot of info to work with there, but it appears to me that you’d have to put it back down to type with your “mouse hand” again. Makes it pretty much worthless in my book. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but my right hand goes back and forth from the mouse to the keyboard all day long. And if I had to pick up and put down the mouse every time I used it, I’d find a new mouse.

That’s my $.02

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