WiMedia Aligns With MBOA UWB Spec

The headline to this CNET article is misleading, claiming that Ultrawideband groups have “banded” together – when it’s about a group that isn’t about UWB at all just announcing support for one version of UWB. In fact, it’s not even that surprising considering Intel’s deep involvement with both the WiMedia Alliance and the MBOA version of UWB. Despite the claims in the article, I also don’t see how this really does all that much to push forward a standard. There still are two competing UWB standards out there, and it’s a long way until we figure out which one comes out on top.

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Comments on “WiMedia Aligns With MBOA UWB Spec”

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1 Comment
Mr. MBOA says:

UWB Ecosystem now in place

Here are the facts:
1) MBOA membership is now 123 companies
2) MBOA membership now includes the top 10 semiconductor companies
3) MBOA membership has all the CE customers (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, HP, Philips, Toshiba, Sharp, Olympus, etc…)
4) MBOA membership has the major personal computing companies: Intel, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, NEC, Philips, etc…

5) MBOA membership has over $100 million dollars of VC funded in multiple UWB start-ups

6) WiMedia Alliance has adopted the MBOA MAC and PHY specifications

7) Wireless USB Promoters Groups has adopted the MBOA PHY and MAC specifications

8) The IEEE is deadlocked with no end in site

9) The entire ecosystem is actively part of the MBOA

UWB Enabled products coming early 2005 and they are powered by MBOA technology

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