Spam Will Get More Graphical?

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Yet another example of a lazy marketer who simply doesn’t get it. An executive of an “image serving company” (note the bias) is pointing out (correctly) that email ads risk becoming like banner ads where everyone skips over them. My one edit on his thoughts here, are that this has clearly already happened a long time ago. Even emails that people requested are considered spam when they’re not relevant and/or they show up way too often. However, then this guy starts pitching his company as the bizarre “solution” to this problem. His idea is that if only advertising emails had more annoying flashing graphics then everything would be okay. The thinking on his part is that even if people just delete the email, those who use a “preview pane” will still see the image – even if briefly. Well, of course, these days you shouldn’t use the preview pane and you shouldn’t have HTML mail turned on. Furthermore, the idea that the way to get around people getting sick of annoying emails is to make them more annoying doesn’t make much sense. If your business really depends on someone catching a glance of an image while they’re deleting your unwanted message, perhaps you need to be in a different business.

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