The Latest Techie Complaints

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So what does a techie have to complain about these days? It what must have been a fairly cathartic column, one tech columnist just tossed a few of his tech complaints into a single column that doesn’t even bother trying to tie them all together. The three big complaints: (1) every time he finds a product he likes, it gets bought by another larger company (and, he implies, the larger company then kills what he liked about the product) (2) it’s increasingly difficult to actually find stuff you want on a search engine and (3) plug and play often plugs, but doesn’t play. The best part, though, is his description of the inevitable phone call after the new device doesn’t work: “Is your computer turned on? Are you connected using a USB or firewire cable? Do you have more than a fifth-grade education?” Something about tax day seems to bring out people’s complaining nature.

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