Pushy Salespeople Showing Up Online… In Pop-Up Boxes

from the oh,-great dept

One of the nice things about shopping online was that you got to avoid pushy in-store sales people, but that might not be true any more. Many sites are experimenting with technology that lets them pop-up a chat window on the computers of people who are visiting their site. They try to time it so that they hit the person when it appears they’re confused or “stalled” in some manner. While it may seem the same as just having an in-store sales person ask if they can help, it’s creeping out a number of people who don’t like the feeling that they’re being watched online (even if it’s true). Still, the companies using it say that it’s helped them increase sales and decrease the number of people who abandon the shopping process, so we can expect many many more. In most cases, pop-up blockers won’t block these chat windows, though I imagine it’ll be the next thing they figure out how to block. Another nice idea would be to somehow standardize these, so people could put up a “do not contact me” notice that would block all such pushy sales requests.

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