Parents Banning Children From The Web

from the not-safe-for-children dept

Parents are still struggling to figure out how to let their children on the internet without putting them at risk. A new study says that some parents (8%) have resorted to banning the internet completely. This seems likely to guarantee that the kids run over to their friends’ homes to access the internet instead – without any supervision. Nearly 40% of parents aren’t worried at all, with another 30% saying that they only allow their kids online with supervision – which sounds like the smart way to teach kids how to be responsible online. 40% also use tools to protect their kids, though the study doesn’t suggest how (in)effective these tools are.

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Comments on “Parents Banning Children From The Web”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Kids

My brother’s boys are supervised.
They are allowed on the computer when he is present in the house or when they have given him sufficient proof that they can be trusted.

The youngest boy has completely lost computer privileges for being caught surfing porn 3 times. ( He’s 12 ) The oldest is allowed free range. ( He’s 15 )

My brother bases these decisions on reviews of the cache, cookies & temp files.

The oldest boy is smart enough to clean up his tracks and I suspect he surfs porn but knows enough to cover his butt.

Completely banning use of the computer is a mistake and will seriously hinder a child’s ability to function in the real world once they get out on their own.


Just as you wouldn’t allow your child to walk down a deserted alley @ 3:00 am in New York, you shouldn’t allow them free range of the computer.

I like the above posters middle range approach to using a computer.

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