Lindows Becomes Linspire

from the how-un-linspiring dept

Following Microsoft’s round-the-world attempts (and some successes) to ban the name Lindows – combined with the unsuccessful attempt at using the Lin—s name instead, it appears that Lindows has settled on Linspire as their new name. Of course, in the end, they’ll probably privately thank Microsoft for giving them so much publicity to get their name out there. Yet another case where trying to shut something down probably gave it a lot more attention.

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Comments on “Lindows Becomes Linspire”

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Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

They voted against Linsipid?

Seriously, the Linux-for-Wal*Mart concept is a good one, but the guy running the company has a major chip on his shoulder. He must have attended the Scott McNealy School of His Fault Management. Just pick a catchy name that has positive connotations, and not one that tries to define yourself against the monopoly.

NOBODY says:

No Subject Given

Robertson really bugs me.
He goes off and puts out a mediocre Linux distribution with the intention of getting Microsoft to sue him over the name. Then he talks about how Microsoft is suing him because their system is too much like Windows. There are other Linux distros that are a lot more like Windows than Lindows is. Xandros comes to mind. Yet, you don’t see them getting sued by M$. Xandros can even work with your NTFS partitions. Lindows has real trouble in that area. Xandros comes off the shelf with Crossover office. Lindows doesn’t. There’s very little difference between Lindows and two thirds of the other Linux dirstros out there, except for the fact that Lindows doesn’t have nearly as many features off the shelf. Their attempt at dumbing down KDE was offensive. I can go on, but I will shut up now.

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