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ISP Planet has a long article trying to figure out just what the hell is going on with Heritage Internet Services – a company that appears to be building yet another WiFi-based WISP. However, the company considers its competition to be Comcast more than any other WISP, as they make themselves out to be much bigger and more powerful than your ordinary WISP. The problem is they won’t give out any details. It appears they’re selling some kind of franchise to local companies who can resell the service – and that’s a large part of their business model. ISP Planet is (as they should be) plenty skeptical concerning what’s actually happening here. About the only thing they get out of the guy is that they’ve leased space on cell towers to install their equipment, which has allowed them to build their own managed backbone network – so they claim they have much more control over what they can offer at lower prices. It all sounds interesting, but until there’s a little more info, it pays to remain skeptical. There are a lot of companies out there trying to set up WiFi WISPs and it’s not entirely clear why these guys are really any different than the others.

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