Love Detector Seems Better At Detecting Excuses

from the as-if-you-couldn't-have-figured-that-out dept

Well, I’d like to give Techdirt’s readers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they would all be fairly skeptical of a product called “The Love Detector” that promised to tell you, just by hearing someone speak, if they were in love with the person they were speaking to. They even claim that it’s accurate with 96% confidence – though when a Reuters reporter tested it out, he found it didn’t seem to work at all, though a recording from the IRS seemed to indicate at least some special interest. This isn’t the first time that articles like this have been written, but what’s especially amusing is the excuses that the company comes up with every time they’re confronted with examples of the system not working. It appears the company may have spent much more time coming up with excuses than actually making sure the device did what it’s advertised to do.

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