Australia Discussing Bad Internet Legislation

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The latest in DMCA-like legislation in other countries is a proposal in Australia to make ISPs more responsible for content hosted on their servers. If the ISP is alerted to “menacing, harassing or offensive” information they host, they are required to take it down. Of course, there’s no due process involved, so anyone could accuse anyone have posting “menacing, harassing or offensive” language on their website and get it taken down without question.

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Comments on “Australia Discussing Bad Internet Legislation”

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1 Comment
Kevin Trumbull says:

There is an easy fix to this....

The easy way to fix this is to simply abuse these statutes in the worst and most public way possible. A good start would be calling the hosting companies for the websites of as many members of government as you can and get them taken down. Political parties should also not be exempt.
After getting them taken down call a local TV station and let them know that the politician’s web site was taken down due to “complaints about indecent material located on the site.” Because in fact that is the why it was taken down, due to complaints. Then see how long the bill stays on the books. This will best work if many people participate…

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