Gator Wants To Go Public As Claria

from the wonderful dept

You may remember that late last year, Gator changed their name to Claria to try to shake the “spyware” label that people kept hanging on them. Of course, a better way to do that might have been (this is just a suggestion, of course) to stop shipping sneaky adware that installs itself without people realizing it. Instead, they changed the name and made their webpage look all spiffy as if they’re some kind of marketing company. Now, that they’ve given people a few months to forget what they’re really doing, they’ve decided to file for an IPO where they hope to raise lots of cash to come up with other ways to get on your computer. The filings show that sneaking your way onto computers can be profitable, as they brought in $35 million in profit on revenue of $90 million.

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Comments on “Gator Wants To Go Public As Claria”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Stock Tip

Thanks for the stock tip …

Considering how stupid the average computer user is, this should be a good IPO to invest in …

PS: GATOR SUCKS ASS & I would like to publicly thank them for all the business I have received from computer users that have unknowingly downloaded this crap & hire me to come remove it …

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