When Spammers And Anti-Spammers Mingle

from the what,-no-fistfights? dept

Danny O’Brien has written up a piece about a recent spam conference where spammers and anti-spammers mingled with each other to find out the latest that was happening on both sides. While some may find it odd to find both sorts of folks in the same room (and others may find it odder that no one appears to have been physically hurt in the process), anti-spammers say it’s a good thing. More companies are realizing that spamming is bad, and are avoiding it. Meanwhile, spammers are being forced to be increasingly sneaky in how they spam – and that makes them even less sympathetic when they’re brought to trial. As the article says: “Juries are sympathetic to spammer’s sob stories about being a legitimate business just trying to do mass marketing. But when the prosecution says he’s been writing viruses to take control of other people’s computers – well, anyone can see that as wrong.”

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