Here Comes Fiber To The Home

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People have been talking about the possibilities of fiber-to-the-home internet access for ages, but there hasn’t been all that much coverage of actual deployments. Well, as with many things, it appears the Japanese have gotten their first, as they now have surpassed 1 million FTTH connections. Even better, the pace of adoption is speeding up. It took 3 years to reach 1 million connections, but they expect the second million within the next nine months. The article also reports that there are over 180,000 homes in the US that are wired for FTTH but a small percentage (in the “several tens of thousands” range) are actually subscribing to FTTH services – meaning there are probably 150,000 homes in the US that have fiber to the home and aren’t using it. Most of these FTTH connections are provided by municipalities, with the rest being provided by small independent telecom firms. The big players are still standing back, but Verizon has made it clear that they’re going to make a huge FTTH push. In fact, they expect to have a million connections made by the end of the year – though, don’t be surprised if that number gets pushed back.

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