The Rise Of Stock Spammers

from the don't-have-to-sell-in-spam dept

An increasing amount of spam these days is now considered to be stock spam where spammers try to convince people that a certain stock is going to go up or down. I’ve noticed a few of these lately, with many pretending to look like real stock newsletters (makes some people take them more seriously and probably helps them to avoid spam filters). What’s most interesting, though, isn’t that spammers are doing this, but that (apparently) there are people who are actually investing along these lines, even knowing that these messages are spam. The article suggests these people believe that others will invest these ways, and they’re trying to jump on the bandwagon and get a quick profit out of it. That seems like a particularly stupid investing philosophy – especially since you have no idea how many people received the email before you had a chance to get it. Of course, the article doesn’t seem to have much evidence that this is really happening.

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Comments on “The Rise Of Stock Spammers”

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1 Comment
Bastard Sammy says:

No Subject Given

Just as an experiment, I’ve been watching several of these stocks. Out of five that I started watching six months ago, two are out of business, one hasn’t budged from it’s .59 cent valuation, and one has trippled in price. So if you look at it, figure you have a one in five chance of actually making any monkey with it. That’s about the same as the stock picking monkey. I feel more inclined to go with the monkey.

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