Tech Industry Very Good At Ignoring Customers

from the customers?--why-do-we-need-those? dept

It seems like you see a study like this one every few months, and nothing ever seems to change. Another study has been done showing that tech firms are dreadful at handling email customer support. A third of the companies checked didn’t bother to respond at all to questions put to them, while another 25% simply ignored the questions it wasn’t convenient to answer. Even better, while many companies used automated replybots to say they’d follow up on questions, most of them didn’t actually do so. To top it all off, nearly 30% of these tech firms took your information and gave it to “unaffiliated third parties” without permission. Basically, the support side of the house seems the same as it’s always been. Executives are mostly ignoring and/or underfunding it, while hoping that no customers get too upset.

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