Internal Corporate Viruses

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If you thought IT staff was having enough troubles trying to keep viruses out of the internal network, now they’ve got to worry about disgruntled employees creating and sending viruses from inside the company. Broadband Reports has the story of a disgruntled Time Warner employee sending out a virus to employees telling them they had received a pay increase and to submit the attached file to get the additional bonus. It’s a little unclear what the program actually does. I’m assuming it just sends itself to others within Time Warner. Still, it’s a reminder that plenty of IT threats come from inside the company, and a strategy focused just on keeping things out isn’t going to do much good against these types of attacks.

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Comments on “Internal Corporate Viruses”

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Bastard Sammy says:

No Subject Given

At an IT shop I worked at several years ago, someone actually wrote a virus to distribute patches across the network. The thing would spread across computers on the network, deploy the payload, propegate to the next system, and delete itself. It was a lot faster than actually going to each work station and deploying the needed patches manually. It covered 200 work stations in about an hour. Talk about service!

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