Embedded Text Ads: Another Bad Idea

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Rafe Needleman is debating whether or not he likes the so-called “embedded” text advertising from Vibrant Media’s IntelliTxt. It isn’t all that new, but the concept is gaining sites that will use it. In fact, InfoSync, which is the link in the post beneath this one has used a similar advertising method for a while now. Basically, it underlines certain words within the text of the page, and if you mouse over the word, it pops up a little advertisement. Rafe points out that, as a writer, he doesn’t necessarily like his text to be riddled with advertising that way. However, my complaint is from the standpoint of a reader. I don’t know if I’m different that most surfers, but I tend to use my mouse cursor as a sort of “pointer” to help me keep track of what I’m reading. When I read sites that have this kind of advertising, it becomes very difficult to read, because just as I get somewhere, a pop-up blocks what I’m reading. It’s quite annoying. At the same time, it also makes it much more difficult to pick out actual links. Yet another bad idea that tries to make online advertising intrusive rather than fitting it into what users are looking for. Trust me, the last thing I want to do is to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence I’m reading.

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Comments on “Embedded Text Ads: Another Bad Idea”

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Anonymoose Cow-ard says:

Pop-up blockers to the rescue!

I’m sure there will be pop-up blockers that will remove the offending pop-up code from the original HTML text.

Then I’m sure the advertisers will come up with some other hair brained scheme that will annoy you even further.

The only way to make these people realize we don’t like this is to NOT buy their products! 🙂

mashby (user link) says:

Not All Browsers Are Affected

I too don’t care for this type of advertising, however most of the people that I talk to that use this type of advertising say the money is pretty good.

The good news is that not all browsers support this type of javascript. For example, if you’re an Opera or Firefox user, you simply won’t see them. 🙂

Lana Lorenzen says:

Pop-up blockers to the rescue!

I agree that NOT BUYING THE AD PRODUCTS might send a message. I get so angry at the constant, irritating barrage of advertising in this country. I finally sold my television for just that reason–if I NEVER see another ad for automobiles or car insurance it will be too soon. If I had my way, the creators of all adware would be placed in a dungeon and chained to the wall.

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