The Robot Who Parks Your Car

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Parking is often a big issue for people when shopping for an apartment in an urban area. Whether there are parking spots available, how much it costs, or how close the parking actually is are all factors that are important to people. However, for some gadget fans, the key selling point may be whether or not the garage is actually a huge automated “Multiparker MP 710.” Apparently, these sorts of devices are already popular around the world, but are just starting to come to the US – where parking hasn’t always been as big an issue. Apartment buildings that find themselves a bit squeezed on parking can shove more cars into a small area by using the machine. Residents just drive the car onto a little platform, get out of the way, and let the machine zip their car off into the bowels of the earth where it’s stored in a box until the next time it’s needed. Clearly, the makers of the device have put some additional thought into it, as it even includes such nice features such as a quick “waggle” to shake off any snow or rain that may still be on your car. The article here found at least one person who chose his apartment building based on it having the Multiparker.

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