Most Camera Phone Photos Never Get Sent

A non surprising result today from a Merlin Mobile Media survey, which revealed that just 9.25% of photos taken by camera phones are ever sent on over the wireless network. This is hardly surprising for multitude of reasons. As the Merlin report suggests, doing so is overly complicated on most phones and networks, partly because messaging and imaging are in separate application ‘silos’ on the phones, and partly because entering destination addresses is difficult and prone to error. A universal address book, and better in-phone app integration would help. But the linked story doesn’t mention that a lot of photos are throwaways, and then of those that are not, some are probably not sent because of fees assessed by the operator. We feel that carriers had better solve these issues PDQ, or else customers will instead learn how to use Bluetooth, removable memory, or some other I/O to get the photos off their phones – eschewing the carrier completely.

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