Wireless April Fool's Jokes?

The days around April 1st are always difficult around here as you really have to put on a bit of extra skepticism when you see some bizarre stories. The problem is, in this industry, you see bizarre, but true, stories all the time. Too often, the April Fool’s jokes are just real enough to slip by the skepticism radar. Here are two potential gadget stories (found on both Engadget and textually, that seem like they must be April Fool’s/PR stunts. First comes the story of the left-handed mobile phone from Sony Ericsson for Virgin Mobile. It’s left-handed because the keypad is backwards. This one is obviously an April Fool’s joke. Second, and more likely a PR stunt than a gag, is the story of someone stealing a Siemens GPS-enabled mobile phone out of their booth at Cebit, and having it easily recovered since (thank goodness!) it had GPS.

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