Screw Up With Cybersecurity, Go To Jail?

from the hmmm dept

No one denies that cybersecurity isn’t an important issue for companies, but do executives deserve to go to jail if their company’s cybersecurity isn’t enough to keep out hackers? Of course, the story doesn’t name a single case where this has happened – or where it’s even been threatened. While it is perhaps a possibility, it certainly sounds like no one’s gone so far as to follow the letter of the law when it wasn’t necessary.

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Comments on “Screw Up With Cybersecurity, Go To Jail?”

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Bigguns says:


Sounds like the technology is ahead of the law here, its hard to say either way. Yes they should be held accountable if something happens, they should make sure there is the proper funding for IT security, and No they shouldn’t the IT dept should be on top of this stuff. Its a grey area, for now. But somebody in that company should definatly be held accountable.

aNonMooseCowherd says:


As a practical matter I think it’s safe to say that no one will go to jail for unintentional security lapses. However, the threat of fines may help make businesses take security seriously, which they have shown very little inclination to do on their own. Most businesses seem to take the attitude that installing an anti-virus package is the extent of their responsibility.

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