Google News Thumbnails Illegal In Germany

from the no-fair-use-here dept

GrepLaw points to the news that the thumbnail images that often accompany stories on Google News have been found to violate copyright law in that country. Apparently, thumbnail images aren’t considered fair use. I imagine it wouldn’t be all that difficult for Google to simply remove images from their German news site – but it’s another example of bad copyright law. These images only help to drive more traffic to the sites. The publisher protesting using thumbnail images in this way are shooting themselves in the foot.

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Comments on “Google News Thumbnails Illegal In Germany”

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James Francis (user link) says:

Actually it smacks of sour grapes.

I’ll wager a guess.
Google’s news system works more-or-less on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis in that the sites that publish the news first tend to appear at the main fray, with the rest listed below. Of course this is at the discretion of Google’s search patterns, so even if your site is first, but the search doesn’t scan you first, you don’t get that spot.
I doubt its the guys at the top complaining, but instead those who don’t get the top spots. Sound a bit like that fellow who complained that Google’s listings destroyed his business…

Curtis (profile) says:

Curtis J Neeley Jr v Google Inc et al.....

the United States is only a few years behind Germany and this case will be considered by the United States Supreme Court while throwing out US Title 17 and finally fixing it. (10-6240) and (10-6091) will probably be denied to protect porn trafficking.

Google Inc gets to face an Arkansas J-U-R-Y next year and every other United States search engine will join them by March 31, 2011 or the 221st anniversary of United States’ April Fools HOAX called “The copy-right Act” without using the hyphen to fool artist into believing a fundamental right was recognized.

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