AOL Seizes Spammer Assets – Gives Them To Spam Recipient

from the hello,-publicity-stunt dept

AOL is planning a big publicity stunt this week to show off their anti-spam efforts. In an effort to show that it’s really helpful when users submit their spam, it looks like AOL is going to give some assets they’ve seized from a spammer to a “spam victim”. They haven’t revealed what they seized or who they’re giving it to, but that’s part of the big publicity build up, I guess. In the meantime, I’m still receiving nearly twice as much spam as I was two months ago. Useless laws and big publicity stunts don’t seem to be stopping spam very much. Instead of a car or a house or whatever it is they seized (some servers?), I think the user would probably prefer a spam-free inbox. Update: Some more info has come out. They’re going to be giving away a Porsche they seized in a settlement with an unnamed California spammer.

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Comments on “AOL Seizes Spammer Assets – Gives Them To Spam Recipient”

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Three Men In A Boat says:


Hmmm, according to your logic, we should stop assessing penalties for all crimes which continue to be committed. I mean, what’s the point?

Or, perhaps, you’re missing the point.

You might think that I’ve exaggerated your response… but that, I believe, is what your post was all about. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it’s not the first time someone’s thought of that.

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