WiFi On Trains, Planes And Automobiles?

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While some companies are focused on planting hotspots everywhere around the globe, there’s also a lot of interest in WiFi-on-the-go. We’ve certainly talked about these initiatives before, but here are two articles updating how you may soon get your WiFi as you fly. Lucent is getting some attention for doing a deal with Verizon Wireless to offer EV-DO wireless backhaul for mobile WiFi networks, which some think makes a lot more sense than satellite or other (slower) cellular systems. Lucent is already approaching train and limo companies about offering hotspots on the go. Meanwhile, Connexion is still pushing forward with their WiFi-in-the-air plans, and this News.com interview has some more details. It turns out that some of the planes they’re offering it in will be only WiFi enabled, but they’re still looking at installing ethernet jacks for those folks who haven’t yet joined the WiFi revolution. However, they still haven’t been able to sign up a US airline – and the guy even takes a few small digs at JetBlue, which always seemed like the most likely to sign up with Connexion. The most interesting thing in the article, however, is that he talks about how the WiFi system can be used to help speed up airplane turnaround time. Just like how hotels and restaurants are discovering that the real value of WiFi isn’t in offering it to their customers, but in using it within their operations, the wireless connection on the plane can be used to communicate maintenance issues with the ground, so that maintenance staff is better prepared before the plane even lands. Update: Connexion also announced their prices today. They seem somewhat reasonable (considering you’ve already spent hundreds to get into the flying box). Everything is flat rate, but it depends on the length of the flight. Short flights (under 3 hours) go at $15. Medium flights (3 to 6 hours) will be $20. Longer flights will be $30. If you really want to go the metered route instead of flat rate, you can get the first half an hour at $10 with every additional minute costing $0.25.

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EVDO Guy (user link) says:

No Subject Given

The one issue, is that Verizon currently does not allow sharing your EVDO connection. Kind of hard to understand, since there are routers that only provide this service. With a laptop (Mac or Windows), you can easily share your EVDO connection over WiFi without having to purchase a router. We have directions at EVDOInfo.com

EVDO Info :: EVDO Forums

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