How Do You Say Hi To Someone On Your WiFi?

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has thought about this idea. Danny O’Brien has his WiFi connection left open at his house. Despite all the fear mongering about such things, O’Brien has been careful to make sure that any important data is secured – and he’s happy to let anyone close enough to his house share in the WiFi bandwidth goodness. He discovered that at least someone is using it, when he noticed he was sharing his iTunes collection via Rendezvous. So, now, he’s wondering how can he contact the guy who’s using his WiFi. He just wants to say hello and tell him that he’s welcome. He also wants to borrow some music that the guy has. He says that the guy briefly showed up in his iChat window, but Danny accidentally scared him off with a perhaps poorly worded greeting. He could probably set up some sort of proxy server setting to force the guy to a certain webpage when he first opens up a browser, but that seems like a lot of work. There are some applications designed to let people on the same AP chat, but that requires that everyone have those apps (and use them). In the meantime, he’s taken to creating fake songs in his own iTunes with names like “Come say hi on iChat!” and “Are you across the street or next door?” but so far it hasn’t worked. Anyone have any ideas for Danny (and, okay, for me too…)?

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