Comcast Finally Buying TechTV

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While it’s been rumored for ages, Comcast has finally gotten around to buying the always-seems-to-be-struggling TechTV. They’re going to combine it with their also always-seems-to-be-struggling video gaming channel, G4. So, now the question is whether or not the combined entity will also struggling, or if they can actually figure out how to make it work.

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Comments on “Comcast Finally Buying TechTV”

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achacha says:


G4 tends to focus way too much on console games. Their shows are really dumb for the most part. They seem to be aimed at 12-17 age group by the content and games they cover.

What they need to do is get writers that actually understand the game industry (not ones that claim they know how to get to level 30 on mario world). They should try working with many of the gaming publications. There so many useful things that they can cover (like industry trends, game reviews, etc).

And they also need to get hosts that are known in the game industry to give them some credibility, the people they have on have an aura of looking down at gamers. Too often I changed the channel in discust at how the hosts were belitteling the gamers.

There is so much potential in G4 and it is purely wasted but those that don’t understand their market and target audience.

thecaptain says:

Re: G4

What I’d love TechTV to do is to focus a little LESS on the “lowest common denominator” and show some slightly more advanced geeky shows.

I’m so tired of computer shows showing off a new “tip” in XP, or telling us about how to use Outlook or installing a virus scanner and some such. While those shows DO have their place, I would love to have a show (just ONE at least!) cater to the more advanced techies…

I mean screensavers is an ok show…but they really dumb it down sometimes. And that’s the show I’ve seen the most “advanced” stuff in!

bob says:

Own it, but don't offer it?

For Comcast to buy TechTV is particularly interesting, since (in my area, anyway), the Comcast “Platinum Package” that supposedly includes everything on the cable doesn’t include TechTV. I discovered this a couple of months ago when I called to complain that my monthly bill differed from the pricing shown on the charge sheet. After much run-around, a technician (not billing) was finally able to tell me that they had recently changed the channel configuration (“to make room for new channels”). Since I had previously had TechTV and some other minor channels, I got to keep them, but there was a $1/mo charge and I didn’t get the new channels. People who signed up later got the new channels (for $1/mo less) and could get TechTV etc., but only by paying an extra $4/mo. I was so confused I figured that I should just switch to satellite. (And don’t get me started about needing room for more channels – there’s already a >100 channel gap, and the roughly 100 channels reserved for sports play-per-view are dark most of the time…)

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