Australia Won't Extradite Drink-Or-Die Leader To US

from the need-more-proof dept

Australia has decided not to extradite Hew Raymond Griffiths, who is wanted in the US for his roll in the “Drink-or-Die” warez group – which is accused of running a big software piracy ring. It seems that (once again) the case came down to a question of jurisdiction, and the judge wondered why he should be sent to the US when he was never there, and any potential “crime” he committed was done in Australia. In another article on the ruling, the reporter points out that there were serious questions about what were the specific crimes Griffiths was to be charged with.

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Comments on “Australia Won't Extradite Drink-Or-Die Leader To US”

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Mikester says:

Unbelievable arrogance

This is just another example of the US government thinking they rule the world and anyone in any country is subject to the laws of the US. The other perfect example of this is the case posted here a couple days ago about the security tech working for the online casino.
This mentality seems to ooze from all levels of government – I’m sorry guys, but there are other sovereign countries other than the US!

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